When I was in high school, one of my favorite things to do was go to a local coffee house with my best friend and read a section in our local newspaper called “I saw you.” The paper has since discontinued these stalkerish personal ads, perhaps due to the popularity of Craiglist’s Missed Connections site. On Missed Connections, you can write of your love-at-first-sight for the man at the gas pump next to you or the woman whose eye you briefly caught while you were both stopped at the traffic light. And you can hope that this person–potentially your soulmate–will see your ad, recognize themselves in your description, and respond. Happily ever after.

In fact, I once worked with a woman who spontaneously posted a Missed Connection after seeing the same two guys at a few consecutive concerts around the Twin Cities. One of the guys saw it, responded to it, and married her a few months later. And it’s this kind of story that inspires all those other thousands of hopeful romantics (or unrealistic creeps) that a Missed Connection might turn into a Mr. and Mrs. Connection.

Sophie Blackall illustrates the butterflies of love at first sight

This mixture of romance and delusion most often amounts to nothing more than bad poetry. But, for bad poetry, it is strangely compelling. Sophie Blackall, blogger and artist, has made a name for herself illustrating the beautiful and bizarre missed connections of New York. Searching the recent Twin Cities missed connections, I found several contenders for a high honors in bad poetry. Here are four of my favorites:

No shoes, big headphones on the bridge 

You intrigued us,

mister.  Where were

your shoes? Why were you running

so sporadically? What

were you listening to?

– w4m

Sharing a bear suit is equivalent to second base in some countries

I’m broken… 

I don’t think

this is for me, but

I feel the same way.

This morning

during half moon pose, I was thinking,

“I’m bending, bending, bending…

and feeling fragile enough

to break.”

– w4m  – (Singing, dancing, traveling, flossing)

Twins Game 

I am not sure

if you are recently single –

we never talked –

who were you with, and

who was I with?

– Sunday – m4w

‘I Like Your Glasses!’ 

I responded

with ‘I Like Your Hair!’

We parted

with ‘Have A Nice Night!’

It’s a start…

At Walgreens – m4w