I was born on May 20th, 1986, making me a Taurus by astrological standards and a Tiger in the Chinese zodiac (I’m therefore a Bull-Tiger, a creature as awesome as it is fearsome). This also means that today is my 25th birthday.

My lovely fortune-telling cards

On Monday I said that I had given up reading my Tarot cards, but today I pulled them out again to check how being 25 will treat me. When I dealt out the 36 cards for a “full” reading and began to interpret their meanings, I remembered how seductive these cards are. For one thing, they are quite beautiful: unlike actual Tarot cards, my deck doesn’t include the arcana or suits and therefore the images are more stylized than pictures on the original Tarot. Also, an overwhelming majority of my cards are distinctly positive and therefore it is quite easy to interpret every reading as very uplifting.

Here are my highlights from the year ahead, just as vague and optimistic as you might expect from fortune telling cards:

  • An important man will bring good news that will lead to a significant change–don’t worry, this change will lead to great things!
  • Good omens surround your relationship, and love will continue to blossom!
  • Your career will become very important and give you great security.
  • Trust that your wisdom will allow you to handle any awkward circumstances.
  • Your road is in the hands of the gods. Everything you do this year will be blessed.
Sounds like a pretty good year, no?